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At Megha Interior, we speak retail, and our quality output transcends cultures. With over 50+ employees in multiple strategic locations around the globe, Dynamic represents a new paradigm in the Residential, Commercial and Retail services environment. we have the experience of 10 years a multi-disciplinary interior design practice based in Mumbai. We offer a quality work for residential and commercial design. We built your home just the way you want. We listen to your ideas and suggest you the best option. Our work is balance between comfort, beauty and utility of client. We also respect your budget and give you the best solution for project.

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Our Services

What We Do


We do all kind of customize work in furniture as per the size. Binding wood parts using nails or glue, operating machine, make a box and then we check it with client for size.

False Ceiling

Ceiling is suspended a few inches below the basic ceiling on a metal frame work which can be made of a light weight like gypsum, plaster of Paris or plaster, depends on the expenses of client.


We install and maintain all of the electrical and power system for your home, office etc.

Aluminum Sliding Windows

Aluminium Sliding window is a combination of two sashes. The two sashes slide back and forth, allowing the window to open or close.


Painting is applying paint, pigment, colour or other medium to the solid surface. We do all kind of paint such as Royal Asian paint, PU paint, plastic paint, polishing work etc.

Civil Work

It include tiling, bathroom work, breaking any wall, fixing the kitchen platform etc


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